The Office

Orechdin Law Office provides expert legal advice to corporate clients and private individuals, as well as effective representation in court.

We are a dynamic and fast growing office, located in the heart of Antwerp. Every client is our most important client.

Straightforward or complex, large or small, each case is directly supervised by our senior partner, Nir Zeltzer and his right-hand, Deborah Johnson.

Hand-in-hand with our extensive network of external collaborators, all leading specialists in their field, Orechdin has the resource and vision to successfully counsel you through the most challenging proceedings.

Orechdin: the very best advice and the strongest legal support.

Nir Zeltzer Deborah Johnson External Colleagues
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Client quotations:

Orechdin took care of everything. I wish I had started working with them sooner.

Orechdin’s clear insight into the issues was a great relief. They drew a clear path of action to cut through the complex problem.

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